Sticks, Pigs and a Mayor

Today was a day filled with field work, taxis, a boarding school and the Mayor of Bugarama.

The field work was much like yesterday, very tiring and difficult. We worked for around 3 hours again, and got to see Giselle’s mum. Their house was a little bigger than Jean-Pierre’s, but was still much smaller than any I have seen in the UK. While in the fields Meave and Callum carried bundles of sticks on their heads. They said they were really heavy and once again we appreciated how easy our lives are compared to ordinary people’s lives here. A highlight of the day was being able to see three countries at once from the field: Burundi, DRC and of course Rwanda.

After the field work we headed over to Mihabura primary school to have lunch, and then to Gishoma boarding school, where we met Giselle, Jeremy and a few of our personal sponsored pupils. They were very grateful for the presents, and yet again showed their appreciation. Unlike Gihundwe, Gishoma did not have an office for their Head Boy and Girl. I look forward to moving into Mrs Hunter’s office when I return πŸ˜‰ However like Gihundwe Gishoma had pigs. Ms Rigby decided Harlaw should have its own pig but Shannon shot her idea down. In all seriousness, it was a great chance to see the pupils really appreciate their learning, with the little amount of resources they have.

After we left the boarding school we came back to St Francois, where the Mayor of Bugarama met us. He sent out a personal message thanking anyone involved with RSVP charity, including the pupils of Harlaw.

Overall, it was a very good day, and as usual very inspiring.

From Team Rwanda 2014
Jack, Callum, Meave and Shannon


(And Mrs Hunter and Ms Rigby)



7 thoughts on “Sticks, Pigs and a Mayor

  1. Some news from Aberdeen (its all gone a bit mad about the referendum so I wont mention that!)
    The Wild Dolphin sculptures were sold at auction today. They sold for about Β£15,000 each, so we wont be getting one for the garden!!!


    • Thanks Helen – great to hear from you..
      Mihabura staff are all asking for you, especially Samson.
      Visits to the sponsored children and their homes have been very emotional once again – I’m almost out of tissues.
      Clinic for malnourished babies tomorrow so will have to stock up.
      Take care


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