Today was the first day we got to sleep in. After the long lie we were given a guided tour around Cyangugu by the man himself, Fulgence. We were shown the Cathedral and also the football stadium, Stadrusizi. The views from the top of the hill were sensational!

After this we had some lunch and then went to Mihabura. We took several suitcases full of English textbooks, volleyballs and football equipment. All the pupils and teachers were so happy when they saw the footballs and volleyballs, they cheered unbelievably loudly. We had about 30 minutes before we left to go to the clinic for malnourished children, so we played some games of football and volleyball.

We walked to the clinic and we were followed by a lot of kids who all said hello and shouted, “Muzungo!” at us. When we arrived at the clinic we were taken through the village to meet the mothers and children that were part of the porridge/milk programme. We all felt very welcomed in to the community. I was very happy to hear that the programme has been so successful. There are 2 categories, green and red: the green category is the children that are no longer malnourished and the red category is children that haven’t been cleared. We were told that of the 40 children, 37 of them were in the green category. It was quite an upsetting experience, but there was also a lot of happiness hearing about the results.

While we were driving back to St Francois the sun was setting, it was a beautiful end to the day.

Lots of love from Team Rwanda 2014
Shannon, Callum, Jack and Meave

(And Mrs Hunter and Ms Rigby)




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