A Different Kind of ‘Kid’

We woke up this morning trembling with excitement with the thought in our minds of going to the Bugarama market to buy some goats for the sponsored children’s families. However, when we got to Mihabura we were told that if a group of ‘muzungos’ were seen the prices would be bumped up. So we had to go and hide while Samson the ‘ne-goat-iator’ bought the goats for us. The goats were named Michael, Patch, Aileen (the most expensive one!), Yola, Goat, Sass, Fulgence and Japhet. It turned out that Sass really did live up to his name as he refused to go to his new owner. The parents who were given the goats were really touched and appreciative.

We then went to visit the hot springs. The road was absolutely horrendous and it took us almost an hour to drive 13km. The water was surprisingly hot but unfortunately it was not clean so we could not paddle in it.

After that we went to visit Emmanuel (Victoria’s sponsored pupil) at his school. He was incredibly nice and funny and he is so grateful for his second chance. He has certainly completely changed his attitude and we all think that it was the right decision by Victoria to continue to sponsor him.

We then went back to Mihabura to drop off Japhet (the human!) intending to go straight back to St Francois, but then Fulgence disappeared so Jack and I joined in the P6’s football match which was great fun. Shannon and Meave did some clapping games with the P6 girls, then Meave taught them a ‘Go Shannon’ chant while Shannon played volleyball, and she also managed to get a conga line going.

Before signing off we would also like to congratulate Simon and his family, as today they welcomed a baby girl into the world. We are all delighted for you Simon!

Love from,
Callum, Jack, Meave and Shannon

(And Ms Rigby)




10 thoughts on “A Different Kind of ‘Kid’

  1. I cannot believe that I am the first (and as yet the only) person to agree with the “I’m worth it” comment from Mrs Hunter. Very pleased to read your thoughts about the decision reached by Victoria pupils


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