Fulgence the Builder

This morning we helped build a house for a genocide survivor. When we arrived in the community we could see a definite improvement in the quality of the houses compared to others we have seen. We were told the other people building were not getting paid, they were just doing all they could to help others less fortunate. It’s nice to see a whole community working so well together. Even Fulgence and Ms Rigby mucked in (literally – building houses out of mud is a pretty grubby task). We all tried to carry bricks on our heads to take them to another house that was being built; everyone but me managed to successfully transport the bricks. I wasn’t really sure if carrying bricks on our heads was in the risk assessment, but when I dropped one on my toe Ms Rigby swiftly put a stop to it. All the kids in the area obviously did not think we were capable of doing it because they were all laughing at us.

After this we went to the border of Rwanda and Burundi. The security guards let us go through the gates, which meant we were no longer in Rwanda but we weren’t in Burundi, so technically we were in no-man’s land. Meave and I took some photos of the border, but we were asked to delete them by the guards as no photos were allowed.

Once we had had lunch (for the second last time!) at Mihabura we headed towards the football pitch to mark the lines for the match tomorrow against Ryankana. To get to the football pitch we started walking but then slowly got surrounded by bicycle taxis, so we decided to hop on. There was one fewer bike than there were people so Simon decided to throw one of the taxi drivers off his bike so he could cycle Radjab himself! They were a lot comfier than I expected, slower than motorbike taxis obviously, but better than walking.

Lots of love
Shannon, Meave, Callum & Jack

(And Ms Rigby)



10 thoughts on “Fulgence the Builder

  1. It sounds like you are having a great time. I am glad you are enjoying it as much as we did. Very jealous of you all and wish I was back there. Have a great trip.


  2. Wow! Very impressed with your brick-carrying efforts. Those bricks are huge! I have been really enjoying reading all your accounts of your experiences. What a fantastic trip. The whole school is very proud of you. The very talented Ms Rigby can add being a brickie to her accomplishments. Very proud of her too! Enjoy your last few days everybody. Mrs Tack xx


  3. Good to see you are all still working hard.
    Is Meave wearing a “wee Jimmy hat”?
    Hope your presentation and the football and volleyball matches went well today.
    Enjoy your last night, and your 5 star meal – you’ve earned it!
    Mrs H


  4. There is much of a profound nature which I would like to say – your blog and photos convey so many emotions and I cannot thank you enough for bringing some of your experience through to us so clearly. Have a safe trip home folks – look forward to seeing you all next week.


  5. Well done Harlaw !!
    Life is so different in Rwanda, but people have the same aspirations the world over.
    You have contributed to a shared vision for providing aid through education.
    What a legacy.


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