“Yes yes MIHABURA!”

Our last day at Mihabura was lots of fun but also very emotional. We arrived at the school early to take a test about what we learned from the school trip on Saturday. I had written extensive notes throughout the day, so I aced the test; Callum annoyingly matched my score even though he hadn’t taken any.

We were then sat in front of the whole school, teachers and parents for a ceremony dedicated to us. This involved guest speakers such as the local Head of Education, dancing, singing, riddles and even a goat impressionist. We were shocked when Japhet and some pupils emerged from the crowd with gifts for us all! After the pupils had pulled us all up to dance, it was time for our presentation which went well.

The second part of the ceremony was friendly volleyball and football games against Ryankana. The playing field was 10 minutes down the road from Mihabura so the whole school – even the tiny primary 1s – spilled out on to the main road and paraded down the middle of it. We couldn’t even imagine something like that happening at Harlaw.

First was the volleyball game which unfortunately Mihabura lost, probably because Shannon and I were added to the team. The football game was next. The team had a brand-new kit, kindly donated by catering company Entiér, and looked fantastic. Fulgence was extremely pleased with his referee outfit (technically the goalie’s kit) and Simon and Jallum were new additions to the team. This was a good idea as they all scored, what I’m told were spectacular, goals (for detailed commentary, see Callum). There was a pitch invasion after each goal; they all got totally mobbed. Unfortunately, Shannon and I missed both of the goals as we spent the entire game surrounded by small children teaching us hand claps. We also managed to get a massive conga line going and as Mihabura won the match 3-1 I started a “Yes yes MIHABURA” chant, which spread until the entire school had flooded onto the pitch chanting with such enthusiasm. We had to wade through the small chanting children to get to our taxis back to the school. It was pandemonium!

Back at Mihabura, it was time to say goodbye to everyone. This was very emotional as we have become great friends with the pupils and teachers, and although we were promising to come back to Rwanda, we weren’t sure if we would ever see all of these people again.

For our last evening meal in Rwanda we went to a fairly fancy hotel which Simon and Fulgence rocked up to still in their muddy football kits. We got to sit out on the balcony with a view of the lights of DRC over Lake Kivu.

Lots of love
Meave, Jack, Callum and Shannon


(And Ms Rigby)





3 thoughts on ““Yes yes MIHABURA!”

  1. I am so glad you are having a great experience. I am very proud of you all and can’t wait to hear more stories on your return. The D of E Area Manager called me to see how you were getting on and he is delighted you are enjoying the experience. He also sends his regards to you all.
    Have a safe journey home, I will be at the airport to meet you on your return. Away to buy tissues as I am sure I will need them when I see you all tomorrow.
    Lots of Love

    Mrs C.


  2. Hi Guys!!
    I’ve loved reading over your blog and it looks like you’ve had a fantastic and worthwhile trip! I’m so glad to see how the Rwandan children have benefitted from the charity and your visit to them and that they are happy and well.
    Hope you have a safe journey home and I look forward to hearing more about it!!

    Catherine 🙂 x


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