Leaving Day

On our last day in Rwanda we had a long lie in in the morning! Bzzt. We had to be at the airport for 1300, so it was just really packing before lunch, then leaving.

However as a last-day treat Ms Rigby took us on our last motorbike taxi, which was as always a plus. After that we had lunch, and the nuns had baked us a special goodbye cake, which was a lovely gesture.

Sadly the worst part of the trip was still to come. We had to leave our now beloved Rwanda, and with it, the friends we had made: Fulgence, Japhet, Nehemiah (best taxi driver in the world) and many more. As we were waiting at the airport in Kamembe there was an epic thunderstorm; clearly Rwanda didn’t want us to leave. But soon we were on our way, already thinking about our return.




2 thoughts on “Leaving Day

  1. Nice to see pictures of Japhet (smiling as usual) glad you had a good time, we will be there in november
    You should take the bus to Kigali, far more exiting. Safe journey home


  2. I hope that everyone arrived home safely and without the baggage misery and loss of electronics that I suffered. None of that has dampened the emotions of having experienced Rwanda. It was a privilege to have shared just some of those experiences with you. You have all been a credit to your school and your country. You can be justifiably proud of your achievements and will have left very positive impressions with the Rwandan pupils, parents and teachers that you met.
    Best wishes to you all,
    Charlie Hunter
    PS Aileen cried (as ever) when she read your latest posting! You’ll understand why, I’m sure.


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